I. General provisions

This web site is the official site of Makra-T Ltd. Organizer of gambling games in a gambling casino, located at: Sofia, Pl. National Assembly № 4, licensed by the State Gambling Commission of the Republic of Bulgaria (hereinafter referred to as “the Casino” ).

The site and its contents are only informative and are published for your convenience and are intended exclusively for personal and non-commercial use.

Please read these Terms of Use carefully before using the Casino site.
These terms and conditions constitute a CONTRACT between you and the Casino, which entitles you to use the services of the site for personal and non-commercial purposes free of charge, subject to the conditions below.

These Terms and Conditions have binding effect only on the relationship between you as a User of the Site Services and the Casino.
By accessing the website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and any subsequent changes thereto, and you are committed to complying with them.

In case you do not agree with all the general conditions below, please do not use the casino website.

Users are entitled to use the services of the Site, hereinafter referred to as “Site”, only for personal / non-commercial purposes.

II. Basic concepts

Throughout the Terms and Conditions, the terms and expressions defined in this article will have the following meanings:

  1. “Site” is the website www.casino-sofia.bg, allowing users to access information or use services via hyperlinks to resources installed not only on the Casino owned server.
  2. The “Administrator” is the Casino, which owns the rights to administer the site www.casino-sofia.bg
  3. “User” means any natural person who, through the Internet, uses information resources and services on the site. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions is a prerequisite for acquiring this quality. The user enjoys all rights and performs all obligations, except those provided for registered users.
  4. “Registered user” means any natural person who uses the information resources and services provided to the site after having received confirmation from the Administrator that the registration form he has completed is accepted and has been provided with a user ID and password. The acceptance of the Terms and Conditions is a prerequisite for acquiring this quality. The registered user shall enjoy the rights and fulfill the obligations provided for the persons under point 3.
  5. “Service” is provided on the Site allowing users to use the information resource free of charge on the site and offers information about the offered gambling, products and services from the Casino. SERVICE DOES NOT PROVIDE an opportunity to participate in gambling. In order to use the gambling products provided by the Casino, the personal physical presence of the user in the gaming casino is required at the address given on the site provided the person complies with the requirements of the Gambling Act and the organizer of the games and is admitted to the casino premises.
  6. “THIRD PARTY ASSOCIATES” – acts or omissions of third parties that are inconsistent with the rules of Internet ethics, including but not limited to DoS (Denial of Service), server intrusion, deface, theft Data and more.
  7. “DIRECT MARKETING” – supply of goods and services to users by mail, telephone or other direct means, as well as consultation for the purpose of exploring the goods and services offered.

Art.3. The site may be used by a user who has accepted these Terms and Conditions. Any opening of a site on the site has the meaning of a statement to accept these Terms and Conditions and to undertake an obligation to comply with them.

Art. 4. / 1 / The starting point for the use of the site is the entry of the user at www.casino-sofia.bg, including when the home page is loaded.

/ 2 / The end of site use (leaving the site) is the one in which the user has closed all the pages used by him / her on the site.
/ 3 / The terms and conditions have effect for users from the start-up to the end of the site’s use.
/ 4 / In the event that the service can be used without requiring real-time presence of the registered user on the site, the Terms and Conditions shall apply to him / her during the period of use.

Art. 5. / 1 / The General Terms and Conditions shall be amended unilaterally by the Administrator.
/ 2 / The administrator is obliged to declare the amendments in the General Terms and Conditions. These are considered to be reported to users / participants from the moment they are announced on the site.
/ 3 / The effect of the amendments takes effect from the moment of their announcement on the site. They bind users by accepting them in the ways outlined above.

/ 4 / The amendments to the General Terms and Conditions have no effect on the user if the latter notifies the Administrator in writing that he refuses to accept them. The refusal shall be notified to the Administrator within three days of the announcement of the amendments.


Art.6. / 1 / The user provides at his own expense a computerized configuration, operating system and Internet access for the use of the site.
/ 2 / The administrator is not responsible if the site users are unable to use the same and the services for a reason outside the Administrator.

Art.7. When using the site and its services, the user is required to comply with applicable laws, rules on ethical conduct on the Internet, rules of morality, good morals and general terms.

Art.8. The user undertakes not to perform such actions that constitute unlawful interference with the computer programs that ensure the functioning of the site including but not limited to the server or network connection associated with the server or site.

Art.9. / 1 / The user undertakes not to publish information or to objectively, in any form and by way of any way, statements which contain: – national, religious, political, racial, ethnic intolerance; – insult and / or libel against any person; – a threat to the life and integrity of the person; – calling to commit a crime; – calling for a violent change in the established government order; – advertising message – classified or other secure information; – proposal for conclusion of commercial transactions; – information about the privacy of third parties; – any information contrary to the law, the rules of morality and good manners;
/ 2 / In case of non-fulfillment of the obligation under the preceding paragraph, the Administrator shall have the right to immediately suspend the access to this statement and to suspend temporarily or permanently the user’s access to the services or the site. Criteria for judging the statement are determined by the discretion of the Administrator.
/ 3 / The administrator is not responsible to users for the unscrupulous user’s statements and their publication on the site.



Art.10. / 1 / All parts of the Site content, including but not limited to design, software, databases, text, drawings, graphics, information, as well as the rights therein, are the sole property of the Administrator and constitute an object Of copyright in the meaning of the Copyright and Related Rights Act and are protected by the copyright.
/ 2 / The user undertakes not to use (except as provided in the General Terms and Conditions), reproduces, modifies or performs other prohibited by law acts in respect of any part or all of the content of the site.
/ 3 / Users may use the site resources only within the framework of the law and the Terms and Conditions.

Art. 11. / 1 / The User agrees and submits to the Administrator free of charge the right to exclusive use of the information he has posted on the site, including in cases where the latter is a subject of protection under the Copyright and Related Rights Act.
/ 2 / The administrator acquires all the powers arising from the exclusive right of use granted to him and exercises it within the framework of the law.



Art. 12. / 1 / The administrator is entitled:
1. at any time to amend, supplement, discontinue the use of services, an element thereof, the content of the site in its entirety or a separate part of it. This right may also be exercised without notice;
2. limit or discontinue access to site content or services to all users or to any of them. This right may also be exercised without notice;
3. delete, move, or edit the content of information, including information posted by a user that is inconsistent with the terms and conditions. This right may be exercised without notice. The criteria for contradiction are determined by the Administrator alone. This right is not imputed to the Administrator;
4. terminate or restrict the access of a user who violates the General Terms and Conditions;
5. to use the data provided by the user upon registration in the manner specified in these General Terms and Conditions;
6. to send electronic and other messages to users, including those related to all games organized by the administrator or other persons licensed to perform gambling activities.
/ 2 / In exercising the rights under the preceding paragraph, the Administrator shall not be liable to the users / registered users.

Art. 13. The Administrator has the right to retain information published on the pages of the site. This right is not imputed to the Administrator.


Art.14. The administrator is not responsible:
1. in the event that the services provided are affected by computer viruses or by programs and networks, interfering with or interrupting the normal functioning of computer configurations and / or user programs;
2. the content of the information published by users, including the reliability of personal data;
3. where information posted by users infringes third party rights;
4. for damages to computer configurations, computer programs or communication tools, including loss of data resulting from search, upload, use of the site and services;
5. the behavior of a user when using the site or services / client services;
6. if a third party uses the personal data of the registered user with or without his consent;
7. if a third party uses the telephone number of the registered user with or without his / her consent to access the services.


Art.15. / 1 / The use of the site and its registration is voluntary.
/ 2 / The user is obliged to perform the registration in person. The Administrator is deemed to have been personally registered.
/ 3 / In making an initial registration, the participant must provide the individual information required by the Gambling and / or the Gambling Act and the secondary legislation and documents.
/ 4 / A user who has a valid registration on the site may not re-register.
/ 5 / The user is obliged to use his user name and password only personally, being responsible for all operations carried out with his username and password and for all obligations arising therefrom.
/ 6 / The user is obliged to keep his / her password secret and to take all necessary measures against the discovery by third parties. The responsibility for password protection is entirely for the participant. The casino is not liable in any way for the participant to provide his / her user ID and password to others to make bets.
/ 7 / In case of non-fulfillment of its obligations regarding password protection, the participant can not make objections based on his / her relations with third parties.
/ 8 / With the registration of the application for registration (after completing the registration form) it is considered that the user has expressed his consent to the processing of all the personal data provided.
/ 9 / Upon failure to provide the personal data required in the registration form, the Administrator has the right to refuse the registration.
/ 10 / Upon requesting the registration form (after filling in the registration form), the user agrees to receive electronic and other communications from the Administrator, including those related to gambling organized by the administrator and / or other persons, And its data to be used for direct marketing purposes.
/ 11 / By requesting the registration form (after completing the registration form), it is considered that the user has consented to the Administrator to contact someone and / or all contact details.

Art. 16. / 1 / In cases of use of the service and the necessary registration, the user is obliged to indicate the required personal data in good faith.
/ 2 / Misconduct of personal data is also available in the following cases:
1. the indication of data that do not correspond to the actual status to which they relate;
2. identification of personal data of another person, including presentation under a foreign identity;
/ 3 / The administrator has the right to refuse registration to a person for whom there is data or may suggest that he / she is indicating data in bad faith.
/ 4 / The administrator shall not be liable and shall not owe compensation to a person whose personal data are used by another person, whether or not he has given his / her consent.

Art.17. / 1 / Each user has the right to access and repair his / her personal data in the manner provided for in the Personal Data Protection Act.

Art. 18. / 1 / Any person who discovers that personal data has been or may be used by a third person for the purpose of registering on the site may notify the Administrator thereof.
(2) In the case of personal data already used by a third party, the person whose data has been misused shall have the right to request from the Administrator to prohibit the use of the registration by producing convincing evidence of the contradiction of the data in the registration form with the actual status, The use of his / her identity by a third party. The administrator shall determine the criteria for the credibility of the evidence and its relevance to the case.
/ 3 / The actions under the preceding paragraphs of this Article shall be carried out in person or by a proxy with an explicit power of attorney, with a notarized signature, at the address of the Administrator.


Art. 19. / 1 / The administrator shall exercise due diligence in collecting, processing and storing the personal data of the users, in strict compliance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act. The administrator is an administrator of personal data within the meaning of the law.

/ 2 / The Administrator may only use the personal data of users on the Site solely for the purposes provided for in the law and the General Terms and Conditions.
/ 3 / The provided personal data are processed and stored in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. The programs and computer configurations on which they are installed are protected by appropriate methods and tools.

Art. 20. / 1 ​​/ The submitted personal data may be processed for / for the following purposes:
1. provision of the games and services offered by the administrator;
2. adaptation of the services offered in view of the interests of consumers;
3. Invitation to participate in games and events organized by the Administrator and other organizers of games of chance;
4. making a connection with the consumer in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions;
5. Announce winners;
6. sending of electronic and other messages by the organizer for all games organized by the administrator or other persons licensed to carry out gambling activities;
7. statistical objectives.
8. Direct marketing.

/ 2 / In case of disagreement on the use of the data, the user is obliged to notify the Administrator in writing.

Art. 21. The Administrator undertakes not to modify or disclose personal data to users of the site and to disclose the information gathered to third parties except in the following cases:
1. where the consumer has expressly agreed;
2. the personal data is provided to employees or subcontractors of the Administrator for the administration of the latter and the use of the services;
3. the information is requested in accordance with the law provided by the public authorities authorized for this purpose;
4. The administrator is obliged, in the cases provided by the law, to provide the personal data.

Art. 22. / 1 / The user is obliged to fill in the prescribed registration form in good faith.
/ 2 / Upon receipt of the registration request, the administrator processes the data. The latter has the right to refuse the registration of the user in the event that another already registered user has indicated identical data (in whole or in part) and / or an identical unique ticket number.
/ 3 / The administrator shall notify the user of the registration in a reasonable time.
(4) The personal data, the grounds for the processing which it has been dropped and the completion of its processing shall be destroyed within three days from the occurrence of the circumstance requiring this or within the term specified by the competent authority.

Art. 23. / 1 / The Administrator warrants that it does not grant third parties the username and password.
/ 2 / The Administrator shall not be liable in the event that the user discloses to third parties his or her personal data, username and password, or discloses his / her identity or that of a third party.
/ 3 / The user is responsible for any action he / she may incur as a result of registration.
/ 4 / In the event that the user has reasonable doubts that his / her registration is being used, he / she has the right to change his / her access password as provided in the site.



Art. 24. The administrator has the rights or has exclusive authority over the texts and other information posted on the Site. Their use by third parties is only permissible under the law and subject to prior written consent of the Casino.

Art. 25. All messages to the Administrator should be sent to the following addresses: www.casino-sofia.bg, tel. +359 2 980 10 60, e-mail: office@casino-sofia.bg

Art. 26. These General Terms and Conditions shall enter into force on the date of their announcement.

Art. 28. These Terms and Conditions may be altered by the Administrator in whole or in part without any time limit. Changes take effect from the moment they are announced on the site.

These Rules come into force on 01.01.2015.